Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor’s Film ‘Bawal’ on Amazon Prime Video

Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor’s film “Bawal” which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video has sparked controversy over its story. A Jewish human rights group has demanded the removal of the film from the streaming platform, accusing it of trivializing the pain of millions of victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

Jewish Rights Group Urges Removal of Varun Dhawan “Bawal” from Amazon Prime for Trivializing Nazi Holocaust Pain

Varun Dhawan And Janhvi Kapoor's film Bawal

The film faced criticism from a section of the audience for depicting a scene related to Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization, wrote an open letter to Amazon Prime Video urging them to remove the film from their platform immediately. The group also called for a halt to the profits earned from “Bawal.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is dedicated to preserving the memory of those killed during the Nazi Holocaust. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, stated that the film should be withdrawn from the OTT platform to put an end to the trivialization of the suffering and systematic murder of millions during the Nazi Holocaust.

Rabbi Cooper Calls for Withdrawal of “Bawal” to End Trivialization of Nazi Holocaust Suffering

Rabbi Cooper accused the film of trivializing the pain and suffering of millions of victims and the organized genocide during the Nazi Holocaust. He pointed out that the film’s protagonist’s declaration that “every relationship is connected through Auschwitz” demeans and disrespects the memories of six million Jews and the countless others persecuted under Hitler’s regime.

In “Bawal,” Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor portray the main characters on a journey to the second World War site, and they visit a gas chamber in Auschwitz. The film presents this sequence along with struggle scenes of them gasping for breath as a part of a dream sequence. As the film progresses, Janhvi’s character Nisha says, “We are all like Hitler to some extent, aren’t we?” reflecting on human greed.

A different scene in the film has a character saying, “Every relationship passes through Auschwitz.”
Varun Dhawan later defended his film a few days after its release, mentioning in an interview that some people got excited or sensitive about it. He compared his film to English films where they can do anything and get permission to leap, while Hindi films don’t have that liberty. Director Nitesh Tiwari also defended “Bawal” and expressed disappointment over how it was perceived. He clarified that it was never their intention to cause any harm.

Bawal OTT Paltform

“Bawal” was released on July 23rd and is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in various languages.

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