Bhagwant Kesari Review and Rating : Balakrishna Shines in this Action-Packed Drama

In the part of Bhagwant Kesari, Balakrishna gave a very good performance, adding value to…

19 October 2023 1 Comment

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1 : Shahrukh Khan’s movie “Jawaan” defied all odds for Bollywood

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1, Blockbuster movies with a huge budget have been produced…

7 September 2023 1 Comment

Jawan Twitter Review: People danced in the theater watching Shahrukh Khan’s film, said- ‘Jawan Blockbuster’

Jawan Twitter Review: Hello, everybody! Therefore, today is a significant day since Shah Rukh Khan’s…

7 September 2023 1 Comment


Gandeevadhari Arjuna Film Review: 2Star Movie Review, Directed By Praveen Sattaru

Gandeevadhari Arjuna: This action film, which stars Varun Tej, is soulless and intended just for…

25 August 2023 1 Comment

King of Kotha, (KoK) a highly anticipated film starring Dulquer Salman, is a worldwide box office sensation

“King of Kotha” (KoK), In theaters worldwide, a highly awaited film starring Dulquer Salman, has…

25 August 2023

Gauri Sawant: A Transgender Activist’s Inspiring Journey and Challenges Under Sushmita Sen’s Leadership

Gauri Sawant, a transgender activist, finds her foundation in Sushmita Sen’s leadership, who is a…

15 August 2023

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