Twitter Reaction to Dream Girl 2: The Internet has Mixed Feelings about Ayushmann Khurrana’s Comedy and Criticizes its use of “Same old jokes” Review”

Twitter reaction to Dream Girl 2: On August 25, when Dream Girl 2 starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday was released, Twitter erupted with comments. While many people were enthralled with Ayushmann’s portrayal of Pooja, others voiced reservations about how hurried the movie felt. Some people thought the movie was fun, while others thought the humor was cringeworthy

Dream Girl 2 is directed by Raaj Shaandilya and centered on Karam (Ayushmann), a troubled young man who chooses to wed the daughter of a successful businessman. “Just watched #DreamGirl2 and I have to say it’s an enjoyable film,” one fan tweeted. genuinely enjoyable and refreshing. In a role we’ve all been waiting for, AyushmannKhurrana comes back and does an excellent job of capturing the sarcasm. The auxiliary cast was outstanding.

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‘Dream Girl 2’ movie review is what we’ll be discussing now. It’s a truly delightful and entertaining movie that will make you chuckle throughout. The dialogue is intelligent and funny, and the situations the characters find themselves in are just hilarious. Big props to the director Writer Raj for doing a terrific job of steering the movie. Ayushmann Khurrana’s performance is fantastic, Ananya Panday not only looks stunning but also offers an exceptional performance.

Vikki Indori said, to Twitter Reaction to Dream Girl 2 “Checked out the public review for Dream Girl! Also watched today was the Dream Girl 2 premiere.

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Twitter reaction to Dream Girl 2

Review Rowdies Twitter Reaction to Dream Girl 2, and this is what they had to say:

2.75 out of 5 Rating

Review Rowdies Twitter Reaction to Dream Girl 2 thematically, Dream Girl 2 is similar to its predecessor. Ayushman Khurrana’s character Karanveer requires a significant amount of money to marry Pari Srivastav (Ananya Pandey). He ultimately decides to pose as Pooja, a female dancer at Sona Bhai’s club (played by Vijay Raz), in order to accomplish this. The impact of this decision on Karam’s life is the central theme of the narrative.

As would be expected, the film frequently alludes to both its predecessor and other Bollywood movies. Some of the situations are extremely entertaining, thanks to Ayushman and the skilled cast. However, the plot’s repetition and the film’s predictable emotional high points lessen its overall impact.

While impressing with his dance prowess and humorous timing, Ayushmann Khurrana handles the parts of Karam and Pooja with ease. He does a remarkable job of leading the film. Ananya Panday, on the other hand, has a smaller opportunity to demonstrate her acting talent. While actors like Paresh Rawal, Seema Pahwa, Vijay Raaz, Manjot Singh, and Abhishek Banerjee do credit to their individual characters, Annu Kapoor shines in his portrayal.

Twitter reaction to Dream Girl 2

While occasionally slipping into conventional patterns, Dream Girl 2 frequently travels through familiar ground. The movie offers satisfying moments of entertainment despite certain pacing flaws and a lack of depth, which manages to work in its favor.

“great family entertainer.” They said, “Funny and definitely worth watching. “BLOCKBUSTER FOR SURE!” But some had other opinions. The movie was critiqued by someone who said, “DreamGirl2 lacked impact. The same old advice, script, and gags. Ayushman Khurana’s acting was criticized by another, who said, “He’s cringier than ever in #DreamGirl2.” Even his most ardent supporters might find this difficult. The worst ever!”
Even though there were differing, even critical, opinions of the movie, Hindustan Times stated that “Dream Girl 2 never has a dull moment in its a little over two-hour runtime. But it’s not a nonstop joyride. When Pooja isn’t on screen, the writing deteriorates and the pacing shifts from quick to slow at various points. It never makes you go asleep, though. Shaandilyaa and Naresh Kathooria stick to crude humor the entire time.

In a nutshell, Dream Girl 2 elicited a range of responses on Twitter, with conflicting opinions on Ayushmann’s portrayal of Pooja and disagreements about the movie’s speed and humor.

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