Bhagwant Kesari Review and Rating : Balakrishna Shines in this Action-Packed Drama

Bhagwant Kesari

In the part of Bhagwant Kesari, Balakrishna gave a very good performance, adding value to the movie by playing a character who was somewhat similar to himself. The touching sequences with Vijji Papa improved the movie’s overall appeal. Kesari’s character was subtly strengthened without being overdone by Anil Ravipudi’s delicate dialogue and the use of … Read more

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1 : Shahrukh Khan’s movie “Jawaan” defied all odds for Bollywood

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1, Blockbuster movies with a huge budget have been produced in Bollywood on a number of occasions, and they have all had successful box office debuts. However, Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawaan” has done something that no other Bollywood movie has been able to do up till now on its very … Read more

Jawan Twitter Review: People danced in the theater watching Shahrukh Khan’s film, said- ‘Jawan Blockbuster’

Jawan Twitter Reviewing

Jawan Twitter Review: Hello, everybody! Therefore, today is a significant day since Shah Rukh Khan’s brand-new film, “Jawan,” opens in theaters. The anticipation for this one has been high! People are quite excited about the main character, and they were so fired up that they attended the first morning show. It feels like a full-blown … Read more

Twitter Reaction to Dream Girl 2: The Internet has Mixed Feelings about Ayushmann Khurrana’s Comedy and Criticizes its use of “Same old jokes” Review”

Twitter reaction to Dream Girl 2

Twitter reaction to Dream Girl 2: On August 25, when Dream Girl 2 starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday was released, Twitter erupted with comments. While many people were enthralled with Ayushmann’s portrayal of Pooja, others voiced reservations about how hurried the movie felt. Some people thought the movie was fun, while others thought the … Read more

Gandeevadhari Arjuna Film Review: 2Star Movie Review, Directed By Praveen Sattaru

Gandeevadhari Arjuna

Gandeevadhari Arjuna: This action film, which stars Varun Tej, is soulless and intended just for genre devotees. “With the movie “Gandivadhari Arjun,” Varun Tej—who has never before attempted action flicks in his career—attempted to do it once more. Additionally, Praveen Sattaru’s career, which had earlier made a dismal debut with “The Ghost,” was intended to … Read more

King of Kotha, (KoK) a highly anticipated film starring Dulquer Salman, is a worldwide box office sensation

“King of Kotha” (KoK), In theaters worldwide, a highly awaited film starring Dulquer Salman, has made its debut in a number of languages, including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada. Abhilash Joshi’s epic gangster film boasts a stellar ensemble cast that includes Shabir Kallarakkal, Prasanna, Gokul Suresh, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Nayala Usha, Chemban Vinod Jose, and … Read more

Gauri Sawant: A Transgender Activist’s Inspiring Journey and Challenges Under Sushmita Sen’s Leadership

Sushmita Sen

Gauri Sawant, a transgender activist, finds her foundation in Sushmita Sen’s leadership, who is a strong supporter of her. Her early years, transformational journey, parenthood exploration, and legal rights struggle are all covered in this story. Reviewing the program makes it abundantly evident that Taali’s primary error was amplifying her emotional story in a wholly … Read more