Matheesha Pathirana: Rising Star Praised by MS Dhoni for Sensational Progress

Sri Lankan fast bowler Matheesha Pathirana commended Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni for helping to shape Pathirana’s career. The 20-year-old athlete has made considerable growth in recent months, putting on an incredible showing for CSK this season in the Indian Premier League.

A Blossoming Talent: Matheesha Pathirana’s Striking Rise in Cricketing Circles

Matheesha Pathirana & Dhoni

“while someone gives you such confidence while you’re a young player, it helps your career. At the time, I thought I could accomplish anything because players of that caliber had expressed faith in me, said Pathirana.
Speaking about the lessons he learned from the former Indian World Cup-winning captain, Matheesha Pathirana remarked, “I’ve learned a lot from Dhoni. The first thing is humility, and that’s why he’s very successful. He’s 42 years old and still the fittest cricketer who is truly inspiring. When I went there, I was a kid and nobody knew me, and he trained me and taught me many things.”

Now, I possess the knowledge of excelling in any T20 match and effectively managing my allocation of four overs during a game. Dhoni told me that if I keep my body injury-free, I can achieve a lot for the team and the country.”

White Ball Dominance: Dhoni’s Advice on Pathirana’s Red-Ball Cricket Prospects

It’s interesting to note that Dhoni advised Matheesha Pathirana against playing cricket with a red ball following a match against the Mumbai Indians during this IPL season. Dhoni’s goal was to properly handle the duties of a fast bowler in Sri Lanka. I think he shouldn’t play red-ball cricket, he had said. Since he won’t change much, he should probably avoid getting close to it, play exclusively in ICC events with the white ball, and keep the rest as low as possible.

Unintentional Resemblance: Matheesha Pathirana’s Bowling Action and Malinga’s Legacy

Pathirana, who is currently a member of Colombo Strikers in the Lanka Premier League, leads the league in wickets taken with 12 this year.
Due to his difficult slinging motion, Pathirana is frequently compared to former Sri Lankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga. “I’m trying to steadily improve my action and bowling,” he said. Malinga, the well-known cricketer known by the moniker “Baby Malinga,” was overjoyed to see me because he recognized a similarity to himself.

Matheesha Pathirana

It’s interesting to note that his father said it wasn’t deliberate to resemble Malinga’s move. His bowling motion is said to be comparable to Malinga’s. He didn’t, however, copy it. He used to bowl in like manner when he first began playing cricket. His father told a local publication that he had improved his bowling abilities through intense training.

It is evident that Matheesha Pathirana, who draws inspiration from players like MS Dhoni and Lasith Malinga, is making his mark in the world of cricket thanks to his commitment and mentorship.

Pathirana’s Cricketing Journey

A young and talented fast bowler named Matheesha Pathirana is making waves in Sri Lankan cricket. Pathirana, who is only 20 years old, has already made a name for himself in cricket.

Pathirana, who comes from an island nation known for creating cricketing superstars, has had a tenacious and talented path. Cricket fans all over the world have taken notice of his recent achievements with the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Matheesha Pathirana stands out not only for his quickness and accuracy but also for his distinctive slinging motion, which has been compared to the famous Lasith Malinga frequently. However, this startling likeness is not an imitation but rather a characteristic of his bowling technique.

Pathirana’s career in cricket got off to a modest start, and he attributes his growth to none other than former Indian captain MS Dhoni. He has developed his abilities, ingrained humility, and acquired the self-assurance to excel on the big stage thanks to Dhoni’s mentoring.

Pathirana’s enthusiasm for the game and tenacious drive guarantee a bright future for Sri Lankan cricket as he continues to create waves. With players like Pathirana on the rise, the legacy of Sri Lankan fast bowlers appears destined to endure, inspiring a new generation of cricket fans both domestically and internationally.

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