Sara Ali Khan’s Visit to Baba Barfani Mandir in Amarnath Sparks Twitter Trend

On Saturday, there was a lot of excitement generated by Sara Ali Khan’s Instagram Reel about her trip to the Baba Barfani Temple in Amarnath. It has stirred debates about her ideas on the internet.

Sara Ali Khan at Amarnath Temple

On Saturday, actress Sara Ali Khan posted an Instagram Reel about her trip to Amarnath’s Baba Barfani Temple. She was seen walking to the shrine while dressed in a blue tracksuit and a white hat. She rang the bell at the temple’s entrance and posed with a trishul while draping a dupatta over her head.

“Jai Baba Barfani,” coupled with the emojis for mountains and folded hands, were written in Sara’s Reel caption. Her trek to the valley’s Amarnath Temple was depicted in the video. She can be heard repeating “Namaste darshano” in the video. We’ve started our Amarnath yatra. For darshan, numerous pilgrims have arrived. There is the Amarnath Cave. Let’s begin our journey now. I’m grateful.

Sara Ali Khan posted an Instagram Reel about her trip to Amarnath’s Baba Barfani Temple

The song “Namo Namo” from Sara’s debut movie “Kedarnath,” in which she played a Hindu devotee and late actor Sushant Singh Rajput played a Muslim pitthoo (porter) who brings her to the temple, can be heard in the backdrop of the video.

Reactions to Sara’s Amarnath yatra were conflicting. Some characterized it as a PR trick, however many applauded her for being accepting of other people’s beliefs and having an open mind. One Twitter user stated, “Sara Ali Khan gave the so-called secular Abduls more reason to despise her when she went to see Baba Barfani Amarnath Ji for darshan. Now, there are many harsh comments on her Instagram. Slavophilia is still alive.

Another commenter said, “She’s doing it to promote the movie.” Someone responded, “There is no crew, and no movie is coming. She continues to visit each Jyotirlinga. She constantly goes and worships every Jyotirlinga, movie or no movie.

Another person tweeted, “She knows the market well.” She is an interfaith daughter, and I admire that she equally respects both and is impartial, said an Instagram user who commended her Reel. She appreciates it. Yes, in Islam, we have a monotheistic faith in Allah alone. Although it could appear contradictory, the key thing is that her belief is based only on her commitment and pure faith.

Sara’s trip to the Amarnath Temple has undoubtedly sparked conversations about the value of appreciating and comprehending those who hold diverse religious beliefs.

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