On a flight to the Maldives, a fan had an unforgettable encounter with Bollywood heartthrob Vicky Kaushal, as described in the book “Enchanting Encounters at 30,000 Feet”

A fan was flying to the Maldives when she had a chance encounter with actor Vicky Kaushal. She discussed her experience with the actor after speaking with him.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif, a married acting couple, recently left Mumbai before their 40th birthdays. Even at the Mumbai airport, the pair cut a pose for the photographers. To commemorate their momentous occasion, they were traveling to the Maldives. Recently, a fan by the name of Akriti Rana released a video of her airplane encounter with Vicky Kaushal.

Unexpected Celeb Spotting: Vicky Kaushal’s In-Flight Meeting with Fan Akriti Rana

Akriti mentioned meeting Vicky.

Recently, Akriti published a message on Instagram. She stood with her suitcase at the start of her reels while holding her passport. The following is what she wrote: “A journey to a new country, and something happened on the flight.”

She then noticed someone she really wanted to meet as she peered forward from her airplane seat. In the video, Akriti commented, “Saw someone I really wanted to meet.” “Come on, let’s go,” suggested her pal who was seated next to her.

The air hostess urged the fan to go back to her seat.

After that, her friend advised her to go meet Vicky because she seemed reserved. Akriti stated, “And my friend persuaded me to go and say hi.” After some time had passed, Akriti went back to her seat and stated in the video, “But the air hostess sent me back.” The woman stated to her buddy, “She said it’s too disruptive, so wait.”

Vicky answered the fan’s call.

“And then he called me himself,” she added in the video. She was again shoved by her friend, sending her staggering in the direction of the jet. Akriti and Vicky then beamed for the camera. She wrote, “Look at me,” with a smile as she offered him a kind look. Akriti added the song “Obsessed” as the instrumental music for her video.

Vicky Kaushal

Vicky received a note from the fan.

Akriti wrote in the caption of her picture, “OMG, he’s so cute! The air hostess sent me back when I had worked up the confidence to approach him, and he gave me a regretful expression. He’s calling you, come over, the flight hostess stated 15 minutes later. He is just too endearing! @vickykaushal09 I’ve never been so enamored with somebody, but his magnetism made me (laughter emoji) do it.

Vicky was approached by people who shared their stories.

Readers who commented on the post related their experiences with Vicky. One admirer exclaimed that he is a wonderful person. The fan continued, “I yelled ‘Vicky’ at him at the Mumbai airport out of excitement, and he smiled and even took a picture with us. I met him a few years ago, remarked another Instagram user. “Really a nice person!” He took pictures with my phone and even offered to take more if necessary. They are the best tasting.

Akriti reportedly had a special and thrilling experience with the charming actor Vicky Kaushal on her flight to the Maldives.


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