Northeast United Vs East Bengal Semi Final Recap, Durand Cup 2023: East Bengal Reach Final

Northeast United vs East Bengal in the Durand Cup Semi-Final is an exciting matchup.

Football fans, mark your calendars for an electrifying match in today’s (August 29) Durand Cup 2023 semifinal. East Bengal steals the show as they square up against Northeast United FC at Kolkata’s venerable Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan.

It has been nothing less than intense getting to the semifinals. East Bengal proved their mettle in the quarterfinals by defeating Gokulam Kerala by a score of 2-1. While this was going on, Northeast United FC demonstrated their skill by defeating Indian Army by a narrow 1-0 margin. After successfully completing their group matches and the quarterfinal in Guwahati, Northeast United FC will make their maiden appearance in Kolkata in this game.

East Bengal vs Northeast
Durand Cup Semi-Final

Keep your seats firmly in place as we provide you with live updates of the exciting match between East Bengal and Northeast United FC.

Supporters of East Bengal are enthused by the situation. As they ardently support their side on the way to the Final, the Lal-Holud Brigade roars fill the stadium.

East Bengal wins their way into the Durand Cup Final as drama plays out. The Red and Gold Brigade triumphs with a 5-3 victory in the penalty shootout after a thrilling 2-2 draw in regulation. All eyes are now focused on the result of the other semifinal match between FC Goa and Mohun Bagan.

Northeast United Vs East Bengal Recap

As Nandha Kumar scores a crucial goal to help East Bengal defeat Northeast United 5-3, the moment of elation finally arrives. East Bengal advances to the Durand Cup Final.

Pragyan Gogoi scores a goal to add to the tension and bring the score to a tight 4-3 in favor of East Bengal versus Northeast United.

Naorem Mahesh Singh scores, bringing East Bengal’s advantage over Northeast United to 4-2 at a brilliant moment on the field.

The football gods are fickle as Parthiv Gogoi’s shot hits the bar, leaving East Bengal supporters with a hint of disappointment. The score remains 3-2 in favor of East Bengal.

the Durand Cup Semi-Final
the Durand Cup Semi-Final

Parthiv Gogoi’s second miss leaves Northeast United trailing at 3-2. A spectacular save by Prabhsukhan Gill keeps East Bengal’s lead intact, though it appears a retake might be on the cards.

A moment etched in memory as Borja Herrera’s stunning goal narrows the gap to 3-2, reviving East Bengal’s hopes against Northeast United.

Gani Nigam scores a goal to tie the game for East Bengal and Northeast United at 2-2, continuing the see-saw situation.

As Ibson De Melo scores an equalizer for East Bengal versus Northeast United, the pendulum swings even farther.

East Bengal defeats Northeast United 1-0 thanks to Cleiton Silva’s accurate penalty kick.

the Durand Cup Semi-Final

The penalty shootout comes into focus as the tension rises. In contrast to some other competitions, the Durand Cup determines the first finalist of the 132nd edition by skipping Extra Time and going straight into a shootout from the penalty spot.

 Nandha Kumar  is The Hero of East Bengal

Let’s highlight Nandha Kumar, the hero of the moment. As a result of his outstanding equalizer, which becomes the buzz of West Bengal, East Bengal supporters are enflamed.

Everything is set up for an exciting conclusion. In the dying seconds, Nandha Kumar scores a magnificent header to tie the game at 2-2. East Bengal made a spectacular comeback from a two-goal disadvantage.

The challenge is made more difficult when Northeast United’s Miguel Zabaco Tome gets given a red card as the clock is running out. This reduces his squad to 10 players.

As time runs out, East Bengal makes a greater effort to tie the game, but Northeast United’s defense holds fast.

Drama is increased by Parthiv Gogoi receiving a yellow card. Due to the extra time, the game lasts an additional 8 minutes.

East Bengal vs Northeast United

The final seconds are a blur of activity. Mirshad blocks Nandha’s shot, and Javier Siverio tumbles in the box, but the match continues.

The last minutes are punctuated by fouls and free kicks, but the play is still vigorous. As time runs out, East Bengal pursues an equalizer tenaciously.

East Bengal 0; Northeast United 1 is the final score at the half. Miguel Zabaco Tome’s goal for the Highlanders in the 22nd minute gave them the lead.

Miguel Zabaco Tome’s first goal has given Northeast United a 1-0 lead as the first half comes to a close. As they prepare for the second part, the Lal-Holud Brigade must overcome this obstacle.

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